Our new logo!

Our new logo!

Our new logo! 150 150 Martin Jansson

When we first started Testverkstaden, we knew we needed a logo, but we just wanted any. We had no real thought on how it should look and how we wanted it to represent us. Several years later, we wanted something new that we actually thought represented us.

When we began working on a new logo, we had a rough idea where we were heading and what we wanted, at least that is what we thought. The first drafts of logos did not really give the right feeling. Another round of new logos were needed. This time we wanted the designer to base it on and be inspired from something that is important for testing.

Venn diagram on Epistemology

There are many models and symbols that are connected to testing or how we perceive testing. For us, learning and acquisition of knowledge is at the center of testing. That is why we wanted the visualization for Epistemology to be the major inspiration for the logo design.

Our logo designer created several alternatives for us to choose from. After long discussions we agreed on a sub set of them, but we needed more feedback from our critical tester friends and colleagues. After a round of reviews we were down to three candidates that everyone thought were the greatest. We finally selected this as our logo:

The new Testverkstaden logo

All of those involved in helping us with this decision, a big thank you!

The logo made us think of speed, chaos, focus, boundaries, coverage and different areas going into each other. We thought of rapid learning and thus rapid testing.

How does your own company logo inspire you?

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